Land Rover LRX – Concept to Production

by James on September 28, 2009


Crossover SUV

Tata Motors, owner of Jaguar & Land Rover, made an official statement at the end of last week that they are going ahead with a production version of the LRX concept and aiming to hit the showroom floors in 2011.


Styling & Functionality

Details aren’t clear yet on what will be lost from the concept, they are adamant that they want to hold true to as much of the design as possible. Though it will lose the sporty 3 door for a more functional 5 door, I think most likely with the suicide rear doors.
With Tata reporting that Land Rover factories are running at 60% productivity, joint Jag / Land Rover sales down 52%, and a $100m loss in the last fiscal quarter, it’s no wonder they will have to close a plant. Taking a new angle on design with Land Rover, over the more boring box shape, it will be interesting to see if they can pull the brand out of their economic slump with this sportier crossover.



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